Pune, Maharashtra, (India): 11-year-old Parth Jadhav is a brilliant, smart student. He is a boy with a deep perspective. He is already striving to fulfil his dream of becoming a space expert.

Science Day was recently celebrated everywhere. On that occasion, Parth got an opportunity to present his project on space science in the ScienceQuest activity which was organised at Versatile School, Warje, where he is studying. In a  ScienceQuest activity, a model of a black hole in the galaxy was created and information related to Black Holes and Time Travel in space was presented by him to the audience.

Parth is proficient in computer programming (coding) and is a football fan and player. His dream is to go to NASA to seek advanced knowledge in Space Science.  He is very interested in galaxies and Black Holes and he is also more curious and interested in Time Travel.


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