A seasoned Mindset Coach & Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP Trainer) – Achlaa Bharaddwaj

Achlaa Bharaddwaj is a Certified & Licensed NLP Trainer by American Board of NLP. Since 2016, she has been transforming lives through her Transformational Training & Coachings. 

An Award Winning Trainer, Achlaa is on a Mission Li-Tra ie. Life Transformation of 20 million people by 2025 through her trainings about making people aware about Power of Their Mind.

Bharaddwaj works with Entrepreneurs, Startup Founders, Working Professionals, Doctors, Business Owners to help them scale their businesses, become successful, without getting stressed and anxious. She helps her clients become aware of their Subconscious Mind Patterns which are responsible for Failure/Struggles in 4 major domains of life. Not only she helps her participants identify those patterns but also Rectify them.

Some Benefits of her Training & Coachings are:

a) DEVELOPING A PEAK PERFORMANCE MINDSET, in turn a Powerful Personality

b) Remove Toxic Work Culture, instead develop Deep Rapport with colleagues, seniors, stakeholders etc.

c) Enhance employee productivity and personal effectiveness.

d) Overcome Negative Behaviour Patterns like Anger, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Fear, Phobias. She is a Phobia Cure Specialist too.

Achlaa has an overall work experience of more than 22 years with various multinational companies and she brings across a blend of  professionalism with a Passion to Transform Human Mindset to achieve their Life Goals.

For getting in touch with Achlaa Bhardwaj, you may visit her website: www.achlabhardwaj.com

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