Advocate Vishal Tinani explains key characteristics of advocacy

In the challenging world of advocacy, having a positive attitude towards work and understanding key characteristics can prove to be productive for not just the beginners but veterans as well. Vishal Tinani, who works as a leading advocate in the United Arab Emirates explains how both the terms can be defining in this particular domain.

Positive attitude is something that deserves attention in every field, equips Vishal. He believes it has the ability to trick your subconscious mind into believing that the least expected result can become a reality if solid belief and unperturbed zeal is maintained. On the other hand, the most primary characteristic of advocacy, which is the use of reasoned argument will only fuel the confidence and optimism in any given situation.

Flawless communication and active listening are two of the most crucial characteristics of successful advocacy, confirms Vishal Tinani. According to the maverick advocate, these characteristics are crucial to the cause for emerging on the right side more often than not. 

Another key aspect is knowledge. It is obviously a fundamental ingredient to succeed in any endeavour. Without being a subject matter expert or knowing the limitations and possibilities of a domain, it is nearly impossible to imagine long-term success for any individual no matter the amount of talent one possesses.

Having learned the art of advocacy from the best in the business, Vishal Tinani has himself adopted these characteristics to become an accomplished lawyer who has worked for multinational corporations. Being a registered legal advisor in Dubai Legal Affairs Department, he is licensed by the Bar Council of Gujarat, India, and the Dubai Legal Affairs Department.

He says it is important to come out of comfort zone in the field of advocacy to get extraordinary results. In order to make a mark, eliminating imaginary lines must be on the top of the list, followed by creating a space for a thoughtful insight.

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