Dr. Mishra’s Neurotherapy treatment is basically a treatment in which we cure the nervous system of the human body, which in turn cures itself, as our human body is capable of curing itself of most diseases.

While addressing the media on his new clinic opening in Ahmedabad, Shiv Azad Mishra said, “It’s always been assumed that it’s a nice comfort measure, but to this point, we have not documented the benefits in a rigorous way.” “This is the first step toward moving complementary therapies from fringe care to mainstream care.”Dr. Mishra’s reflexology or neurotherapy treatment is based on the idea that stimulating specific points on the feet can improve the functioning of corresponding organs, glands, and other body parts.

Going Further, Dr. Mishra’s Neurotherapy Research & Training Centre founder Shiv Mishra said, “My study involved over 100 women undergoing chemotherapy or hormonal therapy for advanced-stage breast cancer that had spread beyond the breast. The women were assigned randomly to three groups: Some received treatment by a certified reflexologist; others got a foot massage meant to act like a placebo; and the rest had only standard medical treatment and no foot manipulation.

I have found that those in the reflexology group experienced significantly less shortness of breath, a common symptom in breast cancer patients. Perhaps due to their improved breathing, they were also better able to perform daily tasks such as climbing a flight of stairs, getting dressed, or going grocery shopping. Although health researchers have only recently begun studying reflexology and neurotherapy treatment therapies in a scientifically rigorous way, they’re widely practiced in many parts of the world, including India, and date back thousands of years.

Shiv Mishra added an example. He said let’s take an example of foot reflexology (neurotherapy) treatment. Almost every fifth individual in India is suffering from this problem after the age of 50. My treatment source involves applying pressure to specific points on the body or feet and hands that link with particular body parts. When the reflexologist stimulates these pressure points, the theory is that vital energy—called Qi in Chinese—flows through the individual’s body, reaching the corresponding area. Here, it brings the individual back into balance so that the body can heal itself.

Ancient Indian Neurotherapy treatment therapist Shiv Azad Mishra talks about his brand Dr. Mishra’s success journey in Reflexology treatment
Neurotherapy treatment therapist Shiv Azad Mishra)

Dr. Mishra has over 15 years of experience. He has successfully treated over 9000 patients in India. Dr. Mishra’s treatment is an alternative way of healing. It is a manipulative therapy. Though the therapy is a panacea for most disorders plaguing mankind, it is highly effective because the treatment is a “Drug Less Blood Circular Control Based Therapy”. Apart from this Shiv Azad Mishra is also providing treatment for Acute Pain, Chronic Pain, Neuritic Pain, Nociceptive Pain, Radiating Pain, Headache Pain, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Fibromyalgia, Muscle Pain, Osteoarthritis, Pelvic Pain, Abdominal Pain.

At the end of media interaction, Dr. Mishra said his neurotherapy treatment may help by: Boosting immunity relieving colds and bacterial infections. Easing sinus problems alleviating back and arthritis pain rebalancing hormones Overcoming infertility.


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