Author Karanbir Singh launches his poetry book, ‘Silent Verses’

In the world of poetry, popular author Karanbir Singh launches a new symphony that will melt everyone’s heart. Titled ‘Silent Verses,’ it is a journey in itself that will take the reader through the thoughtful joy of reading poetry. Karanbir launched this piece in Mumbai recently, amidst avid book enthusiasts and bloggers. The book promises to give the reader an insight into the thoughts and life experiences of the poet as he artfully draws on his astute observations of people, relationships, and events around him.

Speaking of Silent Verses, Karanbir said, “Poetry, for me, is a cathartic medium of expression—an earnest attempt at capturing an honest moment of realisation. It is one of the few forms of expression where the sum of its parts are as important as the ultimate whole. Each line in this book hopes to enable the reader to pierce veils of mystery and awaken meaningful, profound insights. In this enigmatic allure, each word is meticulously chosen and holds immense power, nurturing, and the tenderness of a flickering flame to make you undertake a captivating sojourn, where introspection and introspective reflection intertwine, thereby allowing the boundaries of expression to expand and allowing for a nuanced exploration of the human spirit.”

“Silent Verses evokes a sense of refined sophistication, resonating with readers on a profound intellectual and emotional level. It’s not a mere book, but a catalyst for your own emotions… I’m sure you will like it, so do give it a read,” ended Karanbir.

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