Bird Airport Services commences world-class ground handling services at the Chennai International Airport

Bird Airport Services will commence to provide ground handling services to Sri Lankan Airlines’ aircraft and passengers from November 1st, 2023. Sri Lankan Airlines is the largest operator of international passenger flights at Chennai International Airport and connects Indian passengers to the rest of the world through its well-established international destinations.

Bird Group, one the largest and most diversified groups has pioneered the aviation services, travel, hospitality and retail industries in India for over 52 years. Bird Group’s ground handling entities, the largest private ground handling network in India, provide world-class aviation services across 21 airports, handling more than 4500 flights a month and have been awarded a ground handling concession at the Chennai International Airport. This marks a significant milestone in the company’s continued growth and commitment to delivering exceptional services.

The scope of ground handling concession, includes the right and the duty to provide, the following services to all domestic & international airlines:

  • Passenger handling services (departure, arrival including lost and found and special assistance, including passenger and crew transportation between aircraft and airport terminal).
  • Baggage handling (baggage sorting, preparation for delivery into flights, loading into and unloading from devices, transport to reclaim area, transfer baggage, baggage tracking and reconciliation).
  • Ramp handling services (marshalling, cooling and heating, ramp to flight deck communication, loading and unloading, aircraft starting, safety measures, moving of aircraft, cabin & utilities cleaning, cargo ramp handling and storage of ULDs.

Following a rigorous tendering process in 2022 (in which more than 10 international players had participated), which focussed on benchmarks in industrial know-how, current international operations, best practises, reliability, safety procedures and quality standards, the Airports Authority of India (AAI) awarded Bird Airport Services, a long term ground handling concession to develop and operate a state-of-the-art ground handling operation for both domestic and international airlines at Chennai International Airport.

“As we embark on this new venture, Bird Group’s commitment to excellence remains unwavering. The company has made substantial investments in equipment, employee training, and facilities to enhance safety, sustainability, and performance. This includes upskilling new employees, implementing a digitalized aircraft turn-around process to improve efficiency and safety, and investing in state-of-the-art electric Ground Service Equipment (GSE) equipped with IoT and advanced safety features. Bird Airport Services is excited to bring its expertise to Chennai Airport, and we are dedicated to delivering exceptional ground handling services to all airlines and passengers,” said a spokesperson, Bird Airport Services. 

About Bird Group’s Ground Handling Services:

The dynamic ground handling entities of Bird Group which include: Bird Worldwide Flight Services India (BWFS) |BWFS Mumbai, Globe Ground India | Bird Airport Services | Bird GSEC Airport Services, collectively form the largest private ground handling network in India, providing world-class services across 21 airports in India, to more than 4500 domestic and international flights every month, offering a plethora of integrated services – passenger services, ramp services, meet & greet, damaged baggage handling & delivery, station management & administration support, including support for airport operations, cargo and mail supervision. In its quest to deliver the highest standards of safety, quality control and customer satisfaction, its ground handling services consistently evolve with the dynamically changing and progressing universe of technology and automation, with sustainability at the very heart of everything.

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