Celebrating Authors and Books this World Book Day by Probox media

World book day marks the annual celebration of authors and books across the globe. The entire week will be celebrated for the joy of reading and here are a list of 8 authors and books that can embark readers on a new journey.

1. Vishesh Dubey, Author, The Last ‘Sutta’

Author Vishesh Dubey’s simple style of writing manages to connect with every reader. He hails from Varanasi. His book – The Last ‘Sutta’, falls in a different category of a fiction novel. It carries true experiences from the author’s life and while reading the book, you can relate to a lot of instances in your life as well. The book revolves around a middle-class guy who gets ditched by his rich girlfriend. He sets a goal for himself, to break his girlfriend’s ego, and buys a pack of 20 cigarettes, vowing to smoke a cigarette every time he moves a step closer to achieving his goal. The story captures different aspects of human emotions and offers a gripping storyline to its readers.

2. Ramzi Najjar, Author, The YOU beyond you

Ramzi Najjar is a Bestselling Award-Winning Author of ‘The YOU beyond you’ . It is an award-winning book that reveals the real secrets of life and how they operate within us and our reality. A process that occurs right before our eyes yet mostly goes unseen due to our lives’ many blockages. “The YOU beyond you” is a manuscript that entails every dimension of our reality. A demonstration of what makes and breaks life and a stirring narrative on what it takes to turn your life around based on our physical reality’s dynamics and nature. Unraveling never-been-talked-before dynamics of our existence, the book helps realize and employ a different approach to our living, based on the actuality of life formations.

3. Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma, Author, The Art & Science of Sales

Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma is Ph.D. from Mangalayatan University in Management, M.Phil. from Global Open University, M.B.A.(Mktg.) from ICFAI University, M.B.A.(IT) from Swami Vivekanand Subharti University, M.Sc. (Physics) from Meerut University, B.Sc. from Delhi

University and Author of book “The Art & Science of Sales” and With Over 40 years of Sales and Leadership experience with large multinational companies.  His book is an effort to simplify the complexities associated with B2B sales by clearly defining various technical terms and processes. It lays down a basic foundation for new sales professionals trying to make a mark in the field. Simultaneously, book in an attempt to familiarize sales teams with latest trends and methods for success in B2B sales.

4. Ashwini Rudra, Author, Delhi via Lucknow 

Author Ashwini had an affinity towards writing from a young age. Ashwini’s writing has a unique voice. Delhi via Lucknow -Once Love travelled this route is fiction and 90s-based romance. Set in Kanpur, the story is about Amit Mishra, a CA aspirant and his love interest Rimjhim Singh. But Rimjhim has a stalker, Guddu Shukla, another angle of the story. However, this is no typical love triangle. At an age when romance was experienced far from Tinder matches and WhatsApp messages, fate intervenes, reality happens, and an unexpected turn of events takes Shukla, Mishra and Rimjhim on paths very different from what they set out on. Years later, when these paths cross again, what else could it be, if not a second chance? The book is Piquantly funny and engaging.


RAJA JAIN is the author of the book AAINA JAZBATO KA. It is an experience of life in phrases. AAINA JAZBATO KA is a collection of shayari in Hindi and Urdu. The book express all the adventure, one encounters while in a romantic relationship. The book describes the feelings one goes after break-up. While reading the book, the reader will feel that the Author has managed to express the true feelings of the reader, After reading the book the readers will learn to be more careful and avoid creating unnecessary misunderstandings while in a relationship. The Book is available on Amazon and all leading Book Stores.

6. Ajit Menon, Author, The Panthers Ghosts – The Beginning

Ajit Menon left a high paying CXO role in the corporate world to follow his passion of storytelling. Rated as one of the ‘12 most inspiring writers of 2023’, by prominent publications, Ajit calls his books, ‘Real Reel’ books as his stories are inspired by ‘real’ life incidents. The Panthers Ghosts – The Beginning by Ajit Menon, is a racy spy thriller inspired by real life incidences of Indian covert operatives who proactively execute false flag missions in enemy states following India’s new doctrine of ‘Defensive Offense’. The book talks of how an elite anti – terrorism group called the ‘Ghosts’ headed by Prime Minister Damodar Das proactively takes on International terror groups who plan to attack India. The sales proceeds of the book will go to war widows.

7. Ankit Dixit, Author, The Unloveable

Ankit Dixit, is an avid traveler and a storyteller. Mr. Dixit’s book “The Unloveable!” is a love story of Aayan and Diya. The love story has twists and turns.The main aim of this story was to convey that love can happen more than once. It contains all the emotions and phases of life that Youngsters go through. The book emphasises on importance of sacrifices, consistency and communication. It mainly deals with the practical side of love. Along with the love story, author has tried to raise social issues like the caste system and mental health. The impacts of these issues are often underestimated in the society.

8. Ankit Mishra, Author, Threads of Trust

Ankit published his book, Out of Order, in 2016 and actively writes on social media under the pen name of “Drunkard Poett”. Ankit Mishra’s poetry collection Threads of Trust is a manifestation of an ordinary person’s life to discover love, sensuality, separation, and itself. Each poem lingers in the duality of life between the erotic and exotic, the lost and the aware, the breaking and the healing, and the life and the death itself. In compiling this collection of poems titled, Threads of Trust, the aim has been to pack between its pages a vivid imagery of different emotional stages of an ordinary person’s life through which one falls in love with someone only to become one.

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