Digital Skills, Real Opportunities: Thefasttrick’s Vision for a Skillful India

Digital Skills Real Opportunities: Thefasttrick's Vision for a Skillful India

Thefasttrick was founded by Mr Saif Zain and Mr Kaif Azhar on January 21, 2021. Faced with the challenge of finding promising jobs despite their degrees, the founders recognized the issue of job scarcity and the lack of essential skills among the youth. This realisation sparked the journey of Thefasttrick, a platform designed to provide students with quality skill-based courses at an affordable price.

The company has strived toward societal impact with the T.F.T Foundation. This philanthropic arm of the platform aims to be a helping hand to every soul in need. The foundation, rooted in the belief of giving back, engages students in completing specific tasks, rewarding them with enriching experiences like free trips to destinations like Goa.

Mr. Saif Zain, founder of Thefasttrick, shares, “Our platform is not just about imparting knowledge; it’s about empowering individuals to shape their destiny. The T.F.T Foundation is our way of extending this empowerment to those in need, making education a tool for societal change.”

Mr Kaif Azhar, the founder, adds, “Our journey began with a vision of a skilful India. We want to alleviate career pressure by providing affordable and quality education, especially in rural areas. The goal is to equip our students with digital skills, enabling them to earn independently.”

TheFastTrick has more than 1 lac associates in all over India within 3 years. It is the fastest-growing platform in India. Many students have been a part of this platform and have started their career after learning various skill-based courses from Thefasttrick. They’re working as a pro freelancer. Many of these students have opened their agencies via learning skill-based courses from this platform and the best part is all of these students are now earning a good amount of money using their skills.

Thefasttrick pictures a future where digital skills pave the way for a prosperous India. The platform fills the education gap by catering to the youth and individuals eager to build their careers. It addresses the more significant issue of unemployment. 

Thefasttrick promises a brighter future where learning and earning go hand in hand, leaving an indelible mark on education.  

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