EdTech startup Erudebox launches its mobile app

EdTech startup Erudebox launches its mobile app

After a long wait, Educational Technology startup, Erudebox, has launched its mobile app. The app is built on the android platform and is free for download for all Android users.

The app is extremely interactive and has two user modes. One of ‘parent’ and the other as a ‘student’. The ‘student mode’ is state of the art with many interactive screens enabling learning, engagement and progress tracking. There are free tests, assignments, downloadable books as well as a chat option. The ‘parent mode’ enables parents to track the progress of their wards.

“Really good teachers and excellent classes!” says Sanjana Sharma, a student of Erudebox and an early user of the beta version. “Our focus is to enable classroom quality learning and enhance engagement, in the comfort of the home.” says Co-founder at Erudebox.

Erudebox is fast expanding its footprint in the EdTech space however with the intense competition, it becomes important to drive engagement and enable ‘ease of access’ for its users. The company also seeks to use its mobile app as a way of automating the learning process and building a community that enhances the company-user dialogue.

The Erudebox app is live on the Google Play store and can be downloaded free of cost. The app is extremely secure, easy to use, with a clean interface and very legible touch elements. The access is OTP enabled and you can select which of the roles of ‘parent’ or ‘student’ you wish to access the app from, upon registration. 

You can download the app from the Google Play store directly via this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.robin.khoui

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