Farm-To-Fork, a healthy journey from the house of Suguna Foods

Farm-To-Fork, a healthy journey from the house of Suguna Foods

New Delhi: Chicken is the affordable cornerstone to a nutritious meal. The mineral and nutrition impact of the chicken comes from the feed and development of the chick at every stage. Feed being an important component of growing chickens, Suguna Foods, the pioneers in the poultry farming methodology take complete care of the feed of the broilers. Keeping a consistent watch on the growing process of the chickens until they reach the tables have been a critical effort taken by the brand and the farmers they are associated with.

Live birds with a bodyweight of 1.7-2kg are ideal for consumption as the meat at this stage is high in nutrition while being tender and juicy. These are rich sources of protein, calcium, amino acids, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, magnesium, and other important nutrients.

With the farmer connect that Suguna Foods holds, the chicks after hatching are relocated to local family farms, where they are housed in barns with advanced ventilation and heating systems, where they may freely wander and feed and drink in comfort while being watched over by a veterinarian. They ensure the correct feed and weight gain for the bird throughout the process from the farm level till the retail outlet phase.

Suguna Foods live birds are available at leading poultry retail stores in the region.

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