“First 3 Years of Your Child May Determine His or Her Career Success”

Mumbai : Albert Einstein’s famously said, “Each child is born a genius”. But we do not see many geniuses around us. Hence the obvious question – where do these child geniuses go? Many educationists and thinkers have tried to solve this riddle over last many decades and more often than not blamed our industrial age education methodology and socio-economic ecosystem are blamed for this gap. But there may be another very important causal factor to consider. It is the developmental inputs that a child gets in the first 3 Years of his or her life. This perspective has become a part of mainstream scientific thinking as a result of two decades of growth in neuroscience research output, thanks to the sensor and scanner technology that enables sharper study of human brains.

"First 3 Years of Your Child May Determine His or Her Career Success"
“First 3 Years of Your Child May Determine His or Her Career Success”

A Harvard report suggests that early experiences create afoundation for lifelong learning, behaviour and both physical and mentalhealth. A strong foundation in the early years increases the probabilityof positive outcomes and a weak foundation increases the oddsof later difficulties.The interactive influences of genes and experience literally shape the architecture of the developing brain,and the active ingredient is the “serve and return” nature of children’s engagement in relationships withtheir parents and other caregivers in their family or community.This has something to do with the Brain Development in the first 3 Years of a child.

In simple terms, a large percentage of brain development occurs in this period and if achild gets the right developmental inputs in this period, brain capacity expands and a great foundation for all future learning is built. If not, the child is likely to struggle with learning all his life as a student, in career and do on. Not only this, early experiences, love and care that a child receives also shape his or her emotional make up.

Considering any formal education only starts around 3 years of age, parents have the responsibility and also are best placed to provide these developmental inputs to the children. Also, the fact that they can combine these inputs with right amount of love and care works as the icing on the cake. But most parents are not equipped to handle this responsibility. Because either they are not aware or they don’t have the right methods, tools, toys and materials.

Mumbai and London based startup, Neosap EdTech decided to solve this problem and has created a brain development system called Bablr for 0-3 year old babies that parents can use in the comfort of their homes.

“Future that these babies are going to grow up in is going to be very different from today. Considering the technological change, people will need to learn completely new skills every 3-5 years. In this scenario, the best education is that makes you a better learner and a quick learner. And if you are serious about this, you have start early. First 3 Years are in a way nature’s gift to us. There is a lot that we can do to expand the brain capacity and make a child super-learner for life. To me, it is as critical asvaccination. You are immunising the child against obsolescence epidemic of the future. This is the best gift a parent can give to his or her new-born.”, says Manish Jar Founder and CEO of Neosap.

“Our digital tools for parents and physical materials and toys for the baby are based on tested and high impact methods from neuroscience and early education.” Says Vidyut Joshi, Head of Content & Research at Neosap and also a mother who used some of these methods with her own daughter and found them to be very useful.

For approximately Rs 20,000 per year you can access the complete digital platform that includes mobile app, tablet app and a web app and w be shipped a big box of activity materials and toys.

“Bablr has an algorithm that precisely calculates the daily activities based on the age and the progress of the baby. So, parents are able to do a professional early educator’s job without any effort. You spend your time playing with the child and doing the activities and not searching the internet trying to find the right activities and materials. We collaborated with many parents to create this product and hence the User Experience is a big strong point. It is super easy to use. Parents just need to investan hour every day, five days a week.”  Says Sachin Parekh VP Operations of Bablr.

Encouraging parents to focus on the first 3 Years of a child is a well-accepted medical and public health policy worldwide. National Health Mission in India ran an education campaign on this subject featuring actress Amruta Rao. US Federal government spends USD 19B in the area of early childcare and education through a program called Headstart.

About Neosap EdTech

Neosap EdTech is an education technology start up based in London and Mumbai. Founded by serial entrepreneur Manish Jar, Neosap team has worked with experts around the world to create an innovative product called Bablr. Parents can use Bablr to home to unlock the genius potential of their babies. It uses principles of neuroscience combined with intelligent digital design and innovative physical materials.

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