Flaminia Romani is a renowned Australian-Italian Film Director and Music Supervisor whose artistry has earned her a spot among the Friends of the Guild and membership in the Universal Music Group. Her success is a testament to her passion for creative collaboration and storytelling.

Born in Rome and raised in Sydney, Flaminia’s Master’s degree in Filmmaking gave her the freedom to explore her creative interests and produce stunning documentaries and short films for Rai. Her diverse roles in the industry have provided her with a unique perspective on the creative process, and she believes that music is an essential element in the art of filmmaking. For Flaminia, music is not just an accompaniment to visuals on screen but a tool to evoke emotions and immerse the audience in a unique world.

As a filmmaker, Flaminia is driven to capture the culture and society around her. Her expertise in photography and visual storytelling allows her to formulate creative concepts, establish connections with her subjects, and identify society’s most significant trends. Flaminia’s unwavering dedication to detail ensures that every shot is perfect, with nothing left to chance.

For Flaminia, creative collaboration in filmmaking is akin to performing art, where each partnership has a unique significance. She views the process as a magical scheme that captivates the viewer and draws them into the story. Her approach is to make every performance a lived experience, leaving nothing timeless.

Flaminia’s pursuit of art and her vision have earned her the acclaim and recognition she deserves. Her creative collaboration, storytelling, and dedication to details are a testament to her passion and commitment to the art of filmmaking. With each project, Flaminia continues to push the boundaries of creativity and captivate audiences with her artistry.

Flaminia Romani’s journey as an Australian-Italian Film Director and Music Supervisor is a testament to the importance of creative collaboration, storytelling, and the role of music in filmmaking. Her work showcases the beauty and complexity of the world around us, leaving audiences captivated and inspired.


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