Founder of Jade Homes Arnab Ghosh made home construction easy and in your control

Jade Homes is an integrated platform where Architecture, Structural, Civil Engineering, Interior/Exterior designing & finishings are unified in a single unit simplifying the process of construction for Individuals seeking to build homes.

Arnab Ghosh, Founder of Jade Homes believes that most of us are creative by nature and only the concept of creativity differs from one and other. All one needs is another creative team who can help you fine tune your creative ideas and build them to reality. Your home expresses a lot about you, and we understand the importance of it.

It has always been a challenge for individuals when it comes to Building Homes. It all starts with designing, where you need the right Architect to understand you & to draw your ideas and concepts on paper. Most of the time Architects impose their own ideas rather than being patient listeners to understand you. At Jade Homes, we believe that the project of building your home is yours and it is very important that you are in control of the entire project. Our Architects are handpicked to be able to conceptualize your ideas and bring in aesthetic values and spaces to the entire design of your home.

When we speak about Control, we mean you being in control of your ideas, concept, layout planning, schedules, and your financial budget while we focus in providing you with the best in Project Management.

In India, the Individual Home Construction segment is still dependent on local contractors where they have topographically divided areas to provide their services. Their engineering abilities are limited to practical experience. Since most of them do not come from a qualified engineering background, they are unable to evolve and or adopt to new engineering technologies.

It is very unfortunate that this segment remains unstructured, and it is only in the last few years that Professionally managed Companies have gradually started entering this market space.

Individuals are so used to dealing with local contractors that they are still skeptical about approaching Companies who are today providing Turnkey solutions because they feel that the local contractors are cheaper and known locally when compared to Corporates.

It is just a wrong notion because Companies have a scientific method of calculating construction cost and there are no escalation costs which eliminates any surprises. Homes are built with defined budgets, and nobody wants any financial surprises once the process of construction begins. Apart from not being sure of how much your cost will escalate, you are restricting yourself from more recent engineering technologies that are being practiced in Home Construction.

At Jade Homes we just do not build but we provide you with an integrated designing & engineering platform where you are able to visualize your home much before it is built. With the help of various software’s, you not only get the feel of how amazing your house will look but also know everything about your structural and layout designing specifications.

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