Zikrr is one of India’s most renowned bands and in its journey, spanning over ten years has become a force to reckon with musically. With numerous Shows and accolades to boast of Zikrr enjoys an affable connection with its listeners and fans. The Multi-Genre Hindi Rock band based in Delhi knows a thing or two about how to set the stage alight and give its listeners an experience worth remembering.

Mohit Sharma, The Manager and Bassist founded Zikrr in 2012. A lawyer by profession, He along with some friends from a music school in South Campus, Delhi decided to form a Hindi Rock band to be part of the Rising Underground Band Culture in the City. Mohit was already a part of an alternative English rock band but felt that His Musical growth would be limited in that genre hence he decided to leave the band and form Zikrr.

A trained professional lawyer from one of the most reputed law colleges in Delhi NCR, Mohit has worked in the Legal Departments of big names like NDTV and Shopclues, etc. In the initial days, he used to juggle with, both his Legal and Musical responsibilities but soon realized the corporate hustle needed to end hence he left his practice behind and became a full time musician. Zikrr may have become a household name today but in its initial days, the struggle was Back-Breaking even to get one show. From being Denied Entry at the very gate of a club to being left on read and without any updates over queries for gig and even being given just a slot for one single song..but that did not hamper the vision most of the band members had in their eyes, to make ‘Zikrr’, a Brand not just a band. Mohit along his band mates used to visit clubs to cafés, cafés to lounges and be after event agencies to seek shows. It took a while but the music of Zikrr began to be noticed by everyone. The hardwork and long hours put in to getting Zikrr the recognition it deserves are visible today as the fruit of its labour in the form of numerous awards and accolades but more importantly in the form of Constant Love from all our listeners and fans some of whom have endured and cheered Zikrr since day one. Today, Mohit is not just another Bassist; He is the Manager and Lead of One of the best Hindi Bands around. Mohit and his teams’, Ten Years’ worth of dedication and tenaciousness has borne fruit and made Zikrr what it is today. A testament that one’s dreams can be achieved through a lot of Hardwork and Self Belief.

Furthermore, keeping in mind the struggles they had to face during Zikrr’s Initial days. We were well aware The kind of difficulties a newcomer faces while trying to find shows or to even market himself properly, Mohit and Team, decided to form an artist management wing of Zikrr called Zikrr Music Project, Where they provide gigs to deserving Artists, who deserve a platform to be seen. The artist management wing has also evolved into Event Production and has curated some massive events in a short span of time.


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