gintaa-the phenomenal growth story of India’s newest e-commerce platform

gintaa is India’s most sought after e-commerce market place today primarily due to the confluence of diverse product range and an unique option of negotiate and buy

gintaa is a modern marketplace which brings together buyers and sellers and enables them to negotiate and buy products. In a short time since its Platform launch on July 1st 2022, gintaa has already garnered more than a lakh product listings in 200+ categories. The phenomenal growth story of India’s newest e-commerce bazaar, gintaa, has been primarily due to its diversity of products, extremely attractive prices, ease of use and the ability for the buyer and seller to negotiate and buy.

India loves a bargain! And today arguably gintaa can claim to be the fastest rising e-commerce platform with over five lakh customers registered as buyers and sellers. gintaa is also doing tie-ups with local markets of small and medium shopkeepers and enabling them to list their products on the gintaa Platform. One example is Hatibagan Market one of Kolkata’s oldest traditional markets, which is very famous for women’s traditional wear. Around 250 shops in this market have already signed up and uploaded their products to gintaa. gintaa gives such marketplaces prime space on their landing page and promotes their products nationally. This helps these shops to have an online presence and benefit from customers from all around India. Swapan Kumar Dutta, the President of Hatibagan Shopkeepers Association says “gintaa Platform is helping us to keep in touch with our old customers with latest product updates and also getting new customers from outside Kolkata.”

Customer Satisfaction is taken very seriously at gintaa. Multiple initiatives have been taken to ensure a smooth user experience, eg. Easy checkout process, Direct access between buyer and seller, Personalized Product recommendations, Multiple payment options and a Dedicated customer service channel. This has helped gintaa to get a lot of returning customers to the Platform and to improve its conversion rates. Repeat users are also given surprise Daily deals and free vouchers. Customer Loyalty points in the form of gintaa Coin is given for every referral, product listing and buy transaction. These Coins can be redeemed easily with multiple vouchers from Bazar Kolkata, MBazaar etc. In a short span of just a year gintaa has been able to build a strong network of brand loyalists in the form of gintaa community who advocate the e-commerce Platform through their social media validations.

Talking about customer satisfaction, Laxman Jaiswal, Chairman of the company elaborated about the positive feedback he is getting from customers, “Customers are extremely happy that they can buy both New and Used products on gintaa and they can negotiate the price with the Seller just like they would do in a market. I think this is helping gintaa create a major impact in the e-commerce market. Our prime focus is always the customer and how to get the best deal to them.

For the Sellers, the Platform provides an opportunity to list both New and Used products and communicate directly with the buyers. Sellers with export surplus or inventories cancelled can enlist their products and get access to a national market instantly. All of the services on the Platform are at Zero commission to the Seller and Buyer. gintaa plans to make money through Advertising and the company expects to emerge as a market leader in days ahead.

gintaa has been funded by Ascon Softech India Pvt Ltd and is available on Android Play Store, Apple Store and on

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