Here is how Media Trendz’s Founder Rohit Kumar is Transforming the Digital Space

Here is how Media Trendz's Founder Rohit Kumar is Transforming the Digital Space

New Delhi: As founder of Marketing & Advertising firm, Media Trendz, Rohit Kumar has a passion to help brands grow and succeed in the digital space. His work in the Indian market has given him an in-depth perspective on how to develop digital strategies that have lasting impact on brands in India and around the world.

About Rohit Kumar:

Rohit Kumar is the founder of Media Trendz, a 360 degree marketing and advertising agency based in New Delhi. A Journalist turned entrepreneur Rohit Kumar is a young & dynamic celebrity and branding expert & an influential figure who works with many small & medium enterprises. Rohit began his career as Journalist and quickly rose through levels of success at brands like Ndtv, News24, Live India. He has also served as a media consultant at ministry of agriculture & farmer’s welfare before he made a conscious decision to change careers and pursue his true passion: brand development. Even though he’s been in journalism for more than 6 years, today Rohit’s heart beats for brand building; after all, that’s what inspired him to get into marketing in the first place.

About Branding:

Branding is defined as a set of marketing and communication methods that help a product or service acquire recognition, generate interest, and become preferred by target audiences. When implemented successfully, branding creates demand for products and services based on their name recognition rather than price. The reason for branding is to associate distinct attributes with an individual product or company that are believed by consumers to be desirable or necessary. It can also be seen as any strategy designed by a firm to create goodwill for itself through its products/services. In marketing and advertising, it refers to a built image or identity in order to differentiate a brand from competitors in both physical and digital environments. The following types of communications are generally incorporated into branding: 1) Business communications (Business identification); 2) Product Packaging (brand symbolism); 3) Interaction Design; 4) Integrated Marketing Communications; 5) Public Relations; 6) Experiential Events; 7) Publicity; 8) Sales Force Communications; 9) Corporate Identity Programs.

About Marketing and Advertising:

Creating a great online presence is key in today’s digital world. Whether you want to build an app, develop a community or just tell your story, you need to know how best to market and advertise yourself. At Media Trendz, we are committed to helping businesses grow through strategic marketing. Marketing is more than just advertising; it’s about telling your unique story and building relationships with your audience. We offer comprehensive marketing services that can help take your business from start-up to success. Whether you’re thinking of starting a new company or growing an existing one, our expert team has solutions for all your marketing and advertising needs. With innovative campaigns tailored to each client, we work hard to make sure our efforts stand out in the increasingly crowded marketplace.

About Media Trendz:

Media Trendz is 360 degree branding, marketing & advertising agency in India. Founded by Rohit Kumar, Media Trendz has transformed hundreds of brands over the past few years. Their team takes a humanistic approach towards design—striving to understand their clients’ audience and realigning their brand with consumer needs. Ultimately, they believe that brands should be purposeful, even when they’re selling products or services that are traditionally non-idealistic (like insurance). Through each step of the process, they incorporate all elements of branding (visuals, copywriting, psychology) into their final product. What does all of that mean? It means you get only what you need-and nothing more. They have a vast experience of working for more than 500 startups, small & medium enterprises & working professionals.

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