Hyderabadi girls rule water on the day two of Monsoon Regatta National Ranking Championship

Hyderabad, Telangana: Ravali Parandi of Telangana won two races out of three and led both from start to finish but still has a long way to go to top the leader board with two bad races on both days.

All three Hyderabad girls are ruling the racing with consistent performances at the top of the Monsoon Regatta National Ranking Championship.

With six races up the Monsoon Regatta is at the half way mark and it has 6 races and 3 more days to go.

Ravali Parandi is the diminutive but fiery dark horse of Telangana who seems to not fear any weather conditions and is in top form to challenge the cream of the fleet if she holds form for the next 3 days

Shashank Batham of Bhopal won the sixth races.

Vaishnavi Veersvsmsham still tops the leader board with consistent top 10 finishes followed closely by two sailors from Bhopal Shashank and Eklavya Batham.

Jhansi Priya has edged up to the 4th position and its a tight squeeze at the top of the charts.

With 3 girls at the top five and Ravalis two wins it was essentially a girls day of triumph.

Overall positions at the end of six races:

Vaishnavi Veeravsmsham – Hyderabad 25

Shashank Batham – Bhopal 35

Eklavya Batham – Bhopal 36

Jhansi Priya Laveti – Hyderabad 40

Divyanshi Mishra – Bhopal 45

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