If you ask anyone in Patna about GardaPatna they would refer to one of their favourite Instagram page

If you ask anyone in Patna about GardaPatna they would refer to one of their favourite Instagram page

GardaPatna which is Bihar‘s first youth-centric digital content platform founded by Shubham Raj who is from Patna.

It is a City portal which makes content for Patnaites and Biharis living all around the globe.

In time when most of the educated youth of Bihar goes to other states for a better job opportunity Shubham came back to Bihar during pandemic and saw that there was a huge gap of good digital content in Bihar. And thus GardaPatna was born.

Shubham with GardaPatna has connected more than 50,000 youth of Bihar on a single platform. They are still growing and hope to reach 100K in upcoming months.

The audience range from people from Patna and other cities of Bihar, also Biharis living in different countries such as Japan, USA, Australia, UAE also follow GardaPatna to stay updated about their hometown.

GardaPatna creates content based on food, travel, lifestyle, memes, news and everything which happens in and around Bihar.

GardaPatna not only makes digital content but also helps businesses and brands based in Bihar with Digital marketing services such as search engine optimisation, social media marketing, search engine marketing branding and PR.

While GardaPatna has already helped several Bihar based brands to grow on social media, their mission is to help as many brands and businesses as possible.

This all started when Shubham start exploring Patna when he came back from Delhi in 2020. He started with food blogging and travelling to tourist sites and uploading videos and photos of those places, eventually people started liking his content and he started GardaPatna.

Now GardaPatna consists of five members team which makes content on a daily basis and cater to more than 60,000 young audiences of Patna and Bihar.

GardaPatna has now become a synonym to good content in Patna and Bihar.

Shubham has Bigger plans for GardaPatna and he wants to make it one of the most successful start-ups from Bihar. He wants to make GardaPatna one of the biggest digital marketing and advertising startup in Bihar by 2023.

In his own words Shubham said “Bihar is a new and open market for digitalisation. The Opportunity to create something big is open and GardaPatna aims to grab this opportunity.”

Follow GardaPatna on Instagram: www.instagram.com/gardapatna/

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