IIGD offers tailor-made courses for budding entrepreneurs in the Jewellery Industry

Hyderabad, Telangana [India]: To run their business successfully in the Jewellery industry, candidates need to conceptualize their ideas, and with the help of their knowledge manufacture the end products. The International Institute of Gold and Diamond has a team of passionate and experienced jewelry designers who teach the Business of Jewellery and help students to start their own Jewellery business or Gold Business. It is one of the first institutes to make a debut into the field of jewelry education. The institute also provides certificate courses to people who are willing to start their own business in this industry.

The courses are taught to the candidates with sheer dedication and commitment. Vast knowledge about the Gem and Jewellery industry is shared among the students. The trainers firmly believe that by burning, a candle loses nothing; rather, it helps to lighten another candle as well. IIGD aspires to create one of the most successful jewelers in the future. Everyone interested in taking up the course is wholeheartedly welcome in this institution. They will get to learn everything about starting a jewelry business from industry experts.

The vision of this institute is simple. It wishes to enlighten paths for individuals and help them start their own diamond or gold business in India. Several people who are willing to make a future in the diamond industry cannot do so because of the lack of knowledge and the necessary support. Initially, it was tough for a person to even think of starting a diamond venture. But, IIGD has made it all a cakewalk to accomplish goals in the diamond and gold industry.

The mission of this institute is evident and straightforward. It aims to create successful Gold and Diamond jewellers in the society. This is achieved by imparting high-quality teaching to all its students and developing them into one of the finest entrepreneurs in the jewelry industry. The courses are designed in such a way that it helps budding entrepreneurs to create their own identity.  It is planning to further divisions soon with an aim of expansion in the industry further. It is planning to start a Jewelry designing, Sales Executive course in the field of Jewelry business, and Computer aided Jewelry designing.

The diamond merchant course provided by IIGD is designed after carrying out a lot of research on the jewelry market. The market-oriented syllabus is specially carved out for the students keeping in mind the market requisites. This is done for the students’ convenience so that they don’t face any difficulties in their careers in the future. This course allows only seven students to enroll in a single batch. The institute has taken this step to ensure the delivery of quality education and ensure that each individual understands the concept clearly.

There are several specialized courses offered by the institute. The best part of taking up courses from this institute is that they provide flexible class timings for the employed professionals who have enrolled themselves in this field. The teachers hold numerous revisions to make the students well-versed with the concepts.

Different courses like the Jewellery Business Course, Diamond Merchant Course, Certification in Gold Appraisal, and Audit are provided to suit individuals’ varied needs. The lab services provided include Full Diamond Grading Report, Mounted Diamond Jewellery, HPHT/CVD Testing, Loose Diamond, Assortment Parcels, etc.

IIGD is one of the best institutes offering tailor-made courses to help people start a business in the jewelry making industry. It aims to get established as one of the best institutes that offers exquisite courses and lab services in the jewellery industry. It is one of the most versatile and corporate-oriented organizations. With the latest modules and excellent training oriented programs, it offers the best courses in the market.

Business Mint recognized the efforts put in by this institution. The jury was highly impressed by its unique ideas and decided to present it with Best Emerging Institute of the Year 2019-2020, in the Gold and Jewellery Courses Category.  The institute has a reverend legacy of years of nurturing entrepreneurs in the Gold and diamond jewellery industry.

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