“I’m nothing without the blessings of Pandit Radha Raman Mishra ji”, says Karauli Shankar Mahadev on Pandit Ji’s birthday

On the auspicious occasion of the birth anniversary of the revered Pandit Radha Raman Mishra, grand celebrations were held with immense joy and full enthusiasm at the Karauli Dham in Kanpur. Bhajan groups from all over India had enhanced the program’s grandeur and pious atmosphere, and Pandit Ji was honored. Speaking about Pandit Radha Raman Mishra, Karauli Shankar Mahadev became quite emotional and said that his existence in the present time is only because of Pandit ji.

He mentioned that Pandit Ji was the greatest knowledgeable person of Tantra and that his sense of welfare and altruism stemmed from there. Furthermore, Karauli Shankar Mahadev also added by saying that Pandit Radha Raman Mishra was a complete guru. He elaborated that a guru functions in three ways in our lives: like Brahma, creating a new life; like Vishnu, nurturing and guiding in meditation; and finally like Shiva, dispelling negative energies. Karauli Shankar Gurudev stated that Pandit Radha Raman Mishra possessed all these qualities, which led the world to recognize him as a complete and divine guru. Karauli Shankar Mahadev also elaborated the significance of the human birth and the path to liberation through Tantra and that despite various paths available, Tantra is the most effective aspect for attaining liberation. He added that people, whether bound by family traditions or guru lineage, often wander and remain trapped even after death.

Karauli Shankar Mahadev asserted that only through understanding and living by the system (Tantra) can one find happiness, perpetual peace, contentment, and ultimate bliss, thereby achieving liberation from the cycle of 84 lakh yonis (reincarnations).

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