Interested in Forex Trading? Expert Trader Siby Varghese Suggests Let The Robots Worry About Your Profits

Interested in Forex Trading? Expert Trader Siby Varghese Suggests Let The Robots Worry About Your Profits

Are you interested in Forex Trading but don’t have enough time to worry about market analysis, chart study, keeping up with the economic calendar, etc? Well, there is Artificial Intelligence to take care of all that and help you generate profits through trading. In simpler terms, a robot, backed by the perfect algorithm, will take care of all aspects of Forex trading and bring in your winnings for you. If that sounds like an interesting prospect to you as a potential trading enthusiast, there is one person who’s got you covered with his exceptional Automatic Trading AI software.

The man’s name is Siby Varghese and he is an award-winning Forex trader in India. His brand is associated with innovation and expertise, which brings in profits for his clients. He understands that technological advancements have made Forex market not just one of the largest financial markets in the world but also one of the fastest growing, despite the obstacles of past one year or so. Therefore, he wants you to get on the bandwagon that contains AI-led solutions for better trading results. Talking about his opinion on use of AI or robotic intervention in market operations, Siby says, “In 2019, the Triennial Central Bank conducted a survey of the FX and OTC Derivatives. The survey predicted that the daily market volume of Forex trading was likely to touch $6.6 trillion in the coming times. With such a huge market estimate in view, I am not surprised that traders are keen to install tech-enabled solutions for trading, which would not just reduce their risks but will also increase the accuracy of their results. If you ask me, AI or robot-assisted trading is the future.”

But for those who aren’t yet confident about AI trading and its relevance in their lives, Siby mentions, “Artificial Intelligence is already a part of our daily lives. Millions of people around the world not just start their day with Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant, but also do business, household chores, accounting, entertainment, and studying with the help of these AI-powered personal assistants. Why shouldn’t we then use such a personal assistant for our financial trading?” In his opinion, hiring a Robot to do Forex trading and its subsidiary activities is just like hiring a friend to help you with shopping.

But that doesn’t mean that humans are being taken out of the equation here. Experts around the world are confident that even though AI is going to be a game-changer for the Forex Trading market in the next 10 years, the human component will continue to be a part of it. According to Siby, the AI will be instrumental in increasing the efficiency and efficacy of trading. But humans will continue to play a decisive role in this set up. At the same time, quoting a UK study, Siby notes, “Electronic trading accounts for about 45% of revenues generated by cash equities trading. So, it has already made inroads into traditional trading.” However, the next step for innovators like Siby Varghese, now, is to expand the presence of AI in other reluctant areas like hedge funds management.

Siby is a popular Forex trader & trainer who runs several training courses in traditional as well as AI-supported trading practices. His brand, Siby Varghese, offers the Automatic Trading AI software with the promise that it will help traders run their business comfortably and receive better outcomes. The main features of this software, which make it a force to reckon with, are – Complete Automation, No Prior Experience Required, VPS Assistance, Continuous Updates, User-Friendly, MT4 Compatible, Works 24×7, Instant Market Execution, Low Capital Requirement, and Same Day Delivery and Installation.

Siby Varghese, who started his trading career in 2015, is today one of the most sought-after authority on Forex trading. If he is telling you to invest in robot-assisted trading, you better do that and reap the benefits later on!

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