Medifluence Teams Up with TMAI to Boost Telemedicine in Africa

Bangalore (Karnataka) [India]: Medifluence and TMAI have established a conventional partnership that will boost the growth of digital healthcare services by combining their expertise. This collaborative effort, which focuses on utilising the knowledge of a network of 1000 Indian doctors, represents a major step toward introducing telemedicine services in Africa.

Medifluence and TMAI are teaming up to bring telemedicine services to Africa, aiming to make healthcare more accessible. This move shows how technology is changing healthcare and reflects Medifluence and TMAI’s dedication to creating a healthier and more connected future for healthcare worldwide.

Bridging Healthcare Gaps in Africa

The primary objective of this collaboration is to pioneer the growth of telemedicine services, addressing healthcare gaps and enhancing medical accessibility across Africa. Medifluence and TMAI intend to overcome regional barriers by combining advanced digital platforms with medical expertise to guarantee that high-quality healthcare is accessible to a broader population.

Role of Indian Doctors

This effort involves 1000 Indian doctors, known for their dedication and skills, taking a key role in telemedicine services. These healthcare professionals will provide medical consultations, diagnoses, and guidance to African patients through virtual platforms. Their expertise and caring approach aim to enhance healthcare accessibility and support for those in need.

A Vision for Transformative Healthcare

The partnership between Medifluence and TMAI envisions significantly improving healthcare accessibility in Africa. Their joint efforts aim to bridge gaps, reduce healthcare inequalities, and boost community well-being by utilising the expertise of Indian doctors and the power of telemedicine.

The collaboration envisions expanding its scope and reach with the aspiration to introduce additional digital healthcare initiatives. Medifluence and TMAI intend to significantly improve healthcare quality in Africa by promoting an environment of innovation and collaboration. They aim to effect good change in two ways: by guaranteeing the delivery of high-quality medical services and by enhancing accessibility.

About Medifluence

Medifluence understands how doctors juggle their work and the need for effective marketing. In just seven months, they’ve made remarkable progress. More than 15 doctors, 8 hospitals, 5 clinics, 3 pharma companies, and 5 health-tech startups have already embraced Medifluence’s unique branding approach. Medifluence is on a mission to reshape healthcare marketing, sharing the story of each doctor, one at a time.

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