Morphed India: India’s next best upcoming home decor brand paying homage to Indian heritage

Morphed started out with a mission to reignite the love for one’s Indian culture and heritage in August 2022. While the awareness of one’s rich heritage has diminished from new Home Decor & Lifestyle products that have now westernized the entire Indian market, Morphed plans on bringing back the feeling of ‘belongingness’ yet again through their products by weaving in heritage in all they produce.

A Made In India, For India brand, the designs are hugely inspired by what makes India so unique- its Art, Monuments, and Culture across India which in turn offers a unique blend to modern homes.

Today we are in conversation with the founder of Morphed and discuss her journey so far.

Hello Ma’am, how have your experiences been individually in your journey till now?:

My journey to where I am has been quite an interesting one. Being the Founder of a company that stems from your passion at the age of 21 has been extremely delightful and at times, challenging. As a young entrepreneur, I was greeted with a lot of “What ifs” & “Buts” in terms of whether I’ll be able to launch a successful business or do what needs to be done. Although challenging, it has always motivated me to do the same thing a thousand times more. With shows such as Shark Tank India, Bharat Icons and Business Blasters, I think the space of startup culture has really opened up and is even allowing small business entrepreneurs like me to think of scaling it to an international level in the coming future.

What are some of the major challenges faced by you in this industry?

As a woman entrepreneur, I feel challenges get doubled. Since we must deal with an industry that doesn’t have a lot of women working as a support to businesses, the authority of a woman entrepreneur often gets overlooked.

A lot of women have to go through a great deal of struggles in their lives to make a decision to take a step of launching their own businesses because the dynamics of handling one’s household comes into play. The thought of being a breadwinner for the entire family is also one that we now see seeping into homes in both rural and urban areas. Personally, I have faced this with vendors that we meet with. I believe it’s the conditioning of people that has to change, and we can already see a new wave of such coming now. With the rise of women entrepreneurs in not just urban but also rural areas, I’m sure it will definitely change the landscape all together; slowly but surely.

I’m fortunate enough to have family & friends who have truly supported the idea and germination of Morphed. They have truly been the backbone through which I could launch my own venture and am on my way to make it successful.

What made you come up with the idea of Morphed?

As an army kid, I’ve always been exposed to different cultures and traditions from all over India. To travel around your country and see Indian heritage being displayed in different cultures and traditions is a scene to behold. I have always wanted to come up with something that stays true to India and it’s culture. Keeping this at the back of my mind, I started painting and exploring different kinds of mediums and started remodeling some of the most famous works by Indian artists. While attending a couple of art exhibitions for the same, we noticed that there is a demand for Indian-centric paintings and products yet somehow, nobody seemed to fulfil it. Even the art landscape in India was such that the only two names of famous artists that people would know about were M.F. Husain & Jamini Roy. Although brilliant artists in their field, I was appalled to see how many people were rather unaware of artists from their own city as well.

The idea of Morphed was then started, by cumulating the various cultures I saw during my travel, the love for art and the need to make people fall in love with their own heritage. Keeping this in mind, our first art-focused line, Aaghaz was launched. Slowly and steadily, we are now launching various other lines that have taken inspiration from various monuments, etc from around India and have designed them for modern homes.

Your Vision for Morphed

Our mission and vision is to ‘Preserve कल्चर through क्रिएशन’, with the motive of bridging the world of art with modern themes of homes with beautiful products that help reignite love for Indian tradition, culture and present elegance. We also try and weave Indian heritage into each of our products and are wanting to take it on an international scale in the future.

Morphed aims to redefine the Home Decor & Lifestyle space by introducing products that add value, not just decoration to homes. Expanding its footprint, the products are easy conversation starters with a rich connection to the past.

With its traditional designs aimed at decorators who love to inspire and curate, it brings to people the Indianness lost over the years back to your homes. Its quirky designs are for the modern youth that are inspired by Indian art made hundreds of years ago and displays your today with a blend of the past.

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