Ms. P. Sharani Press conference at Mumbai as Narayana breaks records with highest 100 percentile & perfect scorers in JEE Main 2024 session 1

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Hyderabad (Telangana) [India]: In a riveting tale of academic triumph, Narayana Educational Institutions emerges as the undisputed leader in the JEE Main 2024 Session 1 results, captivating the nation with 154 Narayanites achieving the elusive 100 percentile. Six brilliant minds from diverse states, including Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Maharashtra, etched their names in history by securing a perfect score of 300/300. M Sai Teja, Shaik Suraj, Aryan Prakash, M Anoop, Rohan Sai Pabba, and H Vidith, have not only elevated their personal achievements but have also become the torchbearers of Narayana’s nationwide impact.

Amidst this triumph, Mr. Jay Simha Reddy, the Academic Head of Maharashtra, exclaims, “I’m thrilled to witness the success of Narayana in Mumbai! This year, we have delivered our best, and Narayana Educational Institutions reigns supreme in the city of Mumbai.” His enthusiasm echoes the pride that resonates within the walls of Narayana.

Aryan Prakash, son of Mr. Ranjan Prakash and Mrs. Naina Prakash, shares his journey with a touch of intrigue. “I have been enrolled in the 2-year classroom program at Narayana CO Mumbai. Before joining Narayana, I had prepared for the junior science olympiad, qualifying for INJSO and emerging as a top ten scorer in India in NSEJS. Additionally, I prepared for the Mathematics Olympiad, securing qualification for IMOTC twice in the years 2021-22 and 2022-2023. To add a gleaming feather to my cap, I won a bronze medal in the Iranian geometry olympiad in the year 2020-21.” Aryan’s story exemplifies the exceptional caliber nurtured at Narayana.

Directors of Narayana Educational Institutions, Dr. P. Sindhura, and Ms. P. Sharani, credit the phenomenal success to the tireless efforts of students, parents, and dedicated staff members.

Dr. Sindhura and Ms. Sharani highlight the institution’s innovative Concept Definition Formula (CDF) technique and the meticulously crafted Microschedule, which form the backbone of Narayana’s preparation system.

They underscore the pivotal role of cutting-edge technology, especially the institution’s proprietary learning application, nLearn. “This tech-enabled platform empowered teachers to closely monitor students’ progress, and the rigorous assessments on the app provided valuable insights for performance evaluation,” they explain, unveiling the secret behind Narayana’s stellar results.

The directors emphasize the broader significance of engineering in driving innovation and societal progress. “The remarkable performance of our students underscores their dedication to shaping the future through technological advancements, serving as a beacon of inspiration for future aspirants,” they assert proudly.

As Narayana continues to empower students to reach their full potential, the institution remains steadfast in fostering excellence in education and turning the dreams of millions into reality. At Narayana, your dreams are our dreams.

About Narayana Educational Institutions:

With an extensive network spanning 800 schools, colleges, coaching centers, and professional colleges across 23 Indian states, Narayana Educational Institutions stands tall as one of Asia’s largest and most respected education groups, boasting a legacy of over 45 years. The institution’s team of over 50,000 highly experienced teachers, R&D Heads, and Subject Matter Experts, along with non-academic staff, annually assists over 600,000 students from kindergarten to post-graduate studies. Narayana is dedicated to nurturing young minds, striking a harmonious balance between curricular and co-curricular domains, and offering comprehensive academic programs tailored to help students achieve their ambitions in engineering, medicine, CA, and civil services. With a firm commitment to career-oriented teaching, Narayana continues to fulfill dreams across the nation.

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