“Passion is only thing that will keep your dreams alive” – Kaushal Vyas

"Passion is only thing that will keep your dreams alive" - Kaushal Vyas

A Popular Gujarati Film Actor Kaushal Vyas recently shared some words to all young actors who are struggling in Film Industry. He added, “I  want to say that struggle is a part of our life and career and only our Hard Work, Belief & Experience will make it possible and always We can’t depend on other opportunities.” He also added that sometimes we have to create opportunities and run to make it possible and we have to keep learning and working on our Failures. He also said one thing that doesn’t compare yourself with others, We always have to try to become the best version of ourselves.

He said, “For outsiders, I can give one advise that first of all you have to learn acting or you can join Acting class to sharp your skill more and  You can join theatres so you can polish your Acting & your Voice too.”

According to Kaushal Vyas, it is not easy that you only dreaming to become an actor and just dreaming but you have to go for walk-in Auditions so from there you can know your limits and you can work on it to improve your skill day by day.

He added that you have to work on your voice so have to practice everyday to make your voice attractive.

Kaushal Vyas said, ” Passion is the only thing that will keep your dreams alive”

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