Regulated Real Estate & Infrastructure Exchange a FinTech GIFT from India to the World

GIFT City, a futuristic greenfield FinTech City, a vision of our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, being promoted by the Gujarat Government and regulated by a special gazette by the Finance Ministry, Government of India. It encourages Startups and even larger Financial Technology entities to create and launch global solutions from its precincts.

While Real Estate & Infrastructure is one of the biggest sectors globally, creating employment by supporting multiple sectors, the proportion of the private market to the public market for the sector is unusually high. At the same time, equity, bullion, commodities, diamonds, NGOs, and SMEs have established bourses, real estate and infrastructure that do not have their own independent marketplace.

Thus, Pinvest Exchange, a global property and infrastructure exchange, an online marketplace for securitised real assets, aims to change this with a backbone of robust blockchain technology. It is promoted by “RealDom India Private Limited”, a Startup India registered entity and member of T-AIM, a NASSCOM initiative. It has received conditional approval under the Framework for FinTech Entity in the IFSCs to launch its online platform from the authorised regulator IFSCA – International Finance Service Centre Authority, which is a member of IOSCO – International Organisation of Securities Organisation. IOSCO develops, implements and promotes adherence to internationally recognised standards for securities regulation.

Pinvest Exchange aims to provide a global marketplace for a listing of individual and portfolios of real estate and infrastructure assets with third-party due diligence and valuation for institutional and retail investors to invest and trade, thus providing them opportunities to hedge against the volatility of capital markets while making it inclusive, accessible, transparent through blockchain technology with trust of the authorised international market Regulator (IFSCA).

Pinvest (Property Investment) Exchange aims to unlock investments in the sector by providing liquidity to asset owners while also making it inclusive to small investors who could not dream of being an investor in their lifetime. Pinvest aims to create a robust ecosystem for the sector on BlockchAIn Technology with multiple security features and benefits for all stakeholders, viz. Asset Owners, Developers, Investors and buyers in various categories with ease of monitoring to the regulators as well.

Pinvest implies Property Investment, and their logo is self-expressing, “unlocking the value of your real assets”.

This online marketplace also provides FREE property listing for RERA licensed Real Estate Developers, Realtors (Brokers), Asset owners and Customers as well.

While Real estate and infrastructure is capital intensive sector, a layman globally needs more access to lucrative, liquid and secure opportunities. In contrast, not all asset owners can easily access capital for growth or exit. Pinvest Exchange aims to change this forever for an inclusive world.

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