Samarth launches customised travel services for seniors in India

Samarth, India’s largest community of senior citizens with a presence in 92 cities, has launched customised travel experiences for seniors in partnership with Breakaway, a travel specialist which has delighted travellers in India and from overseas over the last 12 years, filling a significant gap in this space.

Samarth is a pioneer in providing high-quality and affordable services and products for seniors, with the largest presence in this space, and is known for its gold-standard comprehensive care at home, health and social support products and extensive activities with the community since 2016. The custom travel service is a response to the growing need among seniors across India for experiences designed for their specific needs. This need is met neither by mass-market travel providers who offer the same standard product to senior groups under a different name nor by uber-expensive travel planners catering to a small niche.

Restricted by Covid for an extended period, seniors are again keen to travel, to experience the joy of discovery, visiting new places, meeting new people, of building new memories. In a national survey of urban seniors this year, Samarth found that 97% of respondents were planning leisure tours in the next 12 months, and one-third (32%) were ready to take a trip as soon as they found a suitable option. However, travel is often challenging for older adults with health issues, mobility limitations, or special dietary requirements. The research further shows that senior citizens are looking for unique travel experiences. That is why Samarth’s travel experiences are flexible, comfortable, and safe for senior travellers. Some unique aspects include thoroughly vetted staff, restaurants, accommodation, and activities for maximum safety and comfort; the option to travel with a dedicated, resourceful companion; and easy access to medical assistance in case of emergencies.

Asheesh Gupta, Founder of Samarth, said, “We have always believed in understanding the community’s needs and tailoring our products for them. We have witnessed a major change in approach to travel among seniors and are excited to create experiences that will allow our seniors to explore, connect, or relax at a pace that works for them, with the quality and attention they have come to expect from Samarth.”

The details of locations, customisation options, and logistic information are available at

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Samarth ( is India’s largest community of senior citizens and a trusted eldercare provider with a nationwide presence. Samarth has partnered with Breakaway (, which has created unique experiences for travellers over the last 12 years, travel that places their needs at the center of bespoke itineraries, with a focus on human interaction and truly memorable connections.  It allows our elders to experience, to savour, to explore, to reminisce, to connect, or perhaps just relax, at the pace that works best for them and responds to their requirements.

The mission of this partnership is to make travel personal, accessible and enjoyable for seniors, regardless of budget or preference.


Jeevanshu Soni

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