Strategist Mrinal Kishor (Bobis Entertainment Private limited) to pen book on how to win, lose elections

Mrinal Kishor has changed the face of Political events with his vision and creativity. He is a young leader who has taken a step forward to bring the traditional form of carrying any political rally with a new touch so that young India Allan associates with the motto of the political party and the political leader.

Mrinal Kishor is winning the hearts of people with his way of carrying any Political events. With his leadership skill and talent Mrinal Kishor Has revolutionised and given a theme to every event he handles. He gives every event his personal touch so that every event is unique and different. “ Young India don’t want to see the same thing again and again. Bobis Political Events has successfully captured the emotions of Youth with our way of presenting and organising events in India.

We are involved in 360 Degree work of any political party from arranging the event to conceptualising the theme and managing everything required on the field. We have a skilled team of professionals who are working with the same vision to give the best results every time” said Mrinal Kishor, founder of Bobis group.

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