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Ahmedabad [Gujarat] India : Architect Diary is a digital magazine and an online publication that consists of a plethora of insights on Architecture, Art and Interior designs. The venture has a mission of finding the best interior design or architecture projects in India and providing them with a platform where they get exposure through varied mediums. You can visit The Architect’s Diary daily if you are looking for innovative and fresh ideas to inspire budding architects and other designers and help them upgrade their fraternity of designs.
It is one of the most visited websites, and is popularly known as one of the leading websites in the architectural field. This is so because they have a deep understanding of what the readers are generally looking for. It has a collection of the most desirable and the best interior projects all over India. Based in Ahmedabad, it is one of the fastest-growing digital magazines in the architectural field in India which was established in 2016 by Ar. Siddharth Bhayani.
When Siddharth was a student studying Architecture, he wanted to use digital magazines, but couldn’t access them due to the high costs. He was unable to subscribe to it due to the high costs involved. Because of the limited usage of the Internet during those days, he was not able to access any related websites as well. All these situations directed him to the establishment of The Architect’s Diary. Initially, it was developed as a website or a Digital Magazine with an aim to be one of the most interactive, being India’s first publication in the industry. However, things did not work in his favor and he had to shift to an interface that is user-friendly.
The website prevailed with zero investment, the money expended on its establishment was from personal savings of Siddharth. He used to work as a junior architect in the same industry at a commercial firm and managed to save money for his project. The website grew tremendously within such a short span of time.
It soon gained momentum as one of the esteemed platforms across India for designers, it then soon collaborated with varied social media channels to enhance its performance further. All the set targets were achieved by the team, and it kept on consistently working towards driving success. Siddharth’s college seniors acted as mentors in his project, and they kept trying and improvising new ways by reaching out to people who were interested in the field, and strived to cultivate a more faithful following among the design and architecture community.
In the year 2018, Ar. Aastha Bhayani engaged as the curator and Editor to provide desired clarity to the future plans of The Architect’s Diary. The website gained a half-million followers within just a few years of operating in the field. People are increasingly using this portal to get customary updates on interior designs and architecture. The purpose of their logging into the platform is to find a pool of modern and creative ideas in the field of architecture.
It also serves new and upcoming architects who need motivation to put into their undertakings. More than 10,000 readers are interested in reading the diary almost daily as they find inspiration in the design and creativity field in it. It serves as a great media partner for important architecture and other Interior Designing events that happen at a global scale.
The website is currently free for the readers to visit, but the owners are intending to soon start its model based on subscription. It aims to get ascertained as a media company in architectural background that is full-fledged helping people in the architecture and interior design field.
Ar. Siddharth Bhayani is a musician and an architect. Besides being the founder of the Architect’s Diary, he bootstrapped the platform after realizing the market gap in the architectural field and interior design publications. He took this opportunity to stand in an extremely competitive market of architectural publication. He is also associated with YARN, which is an art collaborative.
That being said, hard work and dedication of the architect and the work he did for the entire architect community is praiseworthy. He is striving hard to make his website popular in the architectural field. Business Mint recognised his efforts and presented his magazine with the award of Best Emerging Digital Magazine of the Year – 2020 in the Art and Interior Design Category.
He is making it easy for millions of students and other prospects to grasp knowledge, and helping them access substantial news and other updates in the architectural industry.
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