The Burger Company to Open 50 Stores by December 2021

Gurgaon, India : The changing food habits of the young Indians is resulting in the increasing size of the QSR segment. Burgers are surely dominating this segment, as they rule the hearts of the young, the old, and the kids alike. Burgers are now modern Indian snacks. However, maintaining the taste and quality consistency across the outlets has always remained a major challenge for every brand But not for The Burger Company, a Gurugram based firm redefining the fast food concept in India through its carefully crafted menu, modern yet comfortable interiors and warm hospitality. The Burger Company was started by a young couple and it became an instant hit and famous for its Big Gourmet Burgers. They have created varieties that stick to the Indian taste buds.

Neelam Singh, CEO of The Burger Company, takes pride in their offerings and says, “Our burgers are accepted really well. TBC became popular overwhelmingly in no time. People are thrilled to enjoy our Burgers & Sides. Our unique Big Gourmet Burgers are prepared fresh to order with In-house blend of sauces. Each of our Burger tastes unique.”

The Burger Company currently have outlets in Gurgaon and Multiple outlets are under Fit-Outs in Delhi NCR, Uttrakhand, Rajasthan, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. It has already signed Master Franchise partnerships for Punjab and Delhi NCR regions and has aggressive expansion plans to open 50 Franchise outlets by the end of 2021.

According to the CEO of The Burger Company, India is a massive food market with a great potential. The Burger Company can thrive well in this enormous market. Therefore, they aim to provide high-quality, unique tasting Burgers to the locals, offering them a wide range of options.

The Burger Company is well-known for some of the amazing choices of Big Burgers that include Mexican Marvel, The Ghost Rider, Legendary Lamb, and The Big Egg. They have received out-spilling love and excellent response to these selections. Such a great response to their range has motivated them to expand their operations throughout the nation. It is the immense love of their consumers that has helped The Burger Company to have an appetite to expand.

In addition to Metro cities, they are also aiming to expand to Tier 2 and 3 cities with a powerful motive of uplifting the quality of eating experience offered in such areas by offering excellent burgers in a peppy ambience. Also, their way of presenting food is unique which adds to the overall experience of the customer.

Founders of The Burger Company say that they are not only looking to set up franchises, but at the same time, they are focusing on building long-term partnerships at the national level. They firmly believe that with the help of valuable partnerships, they will be able to make a mark in the food industry.

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