Yuvika Abrol Shares Tips on the Power of Social Media With Mrs. India 2023 Beauty Pageant Participants @yuvi.says

Yuvika Abrol Shares Tips on the Power of Social Media With Mrs. India 2023 Beauty Pageant Participants @yuvi.says

Yuvika Abrol is a mother and a popular social media Influencer. Through her social media handle @yuvi.says, she exhibits her fun side and entertains people with her comedy content. She’s one of the few mom bloggers who make funny and relatable videos. People love and enjoy her content. She also encourages women to get out of their comfort zone and live a life for themselves. Yuvika is now on a mission to share her experiences, tips, and social media tricks with the beautiful participants of Mrs. India 2023 Beauty Pageant.

Social media is a powerful tool that can do wonders for you when used wisely. One reel on Instagram can get millions of views, and one post can hit thousands of likes. Such is the power of social media, and you may be surprised to see how one post or video could transform your life.

So, Yuvika Abrol is all set and excited to share all the nitty-gritty and finer nuances of social media to the participants can change their lives. As a mentor, she’ll be sharing her real-life experiences, recommendations, and suggestions with them. She will coach them from the basics and guide them on creating reels, forming stories, photographing pictures, etc. She will enlighten them on the benefits of monitoring, maintaining, and monetizing a social media page. She wishes to throw light on the importance and value of social media and will also guide them on the same.

Yuvika will also mentor and guide these beautiful ladies on “How they should conduct themselves on social media” as Mrs. India Inc participants and title holders.

Her online mentorship classes have already begun and will continue for the next 2 months. Yuvika is elated to share her knowledge with the participants and empower them in the journey of content creation.

Through her social media account, she is all set to share the transformation journey of Mrs. India 2023. This will inspire, motivate and encourage many women to broaden their horizons, explore opportunities and spread their wings. Yuvika and these models are undoubtedly breaking all stereotypes. They are proof of how women aim for the sky and make the impossible possible. Women today, married or unmarried, are unstoppable, unbeatable, and invincible. And when these powerful women make the best possible use of social media, they are bound to make a difference. We are hoping that Yuvika, with her best guidance, will remold, reshape and revamp their life in and out of social media.

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