Dr. Nirankar Nath Tiwari’s foundation offers a platform to different categories of film-makers

Dr. Nirankar Nath Tiwari’s foundation offers a platform to different categories of film-makers

New Delhi [India], October 7, 2021– Dr. Nirankar Nath Tiwari, with over eighteen years of experience of working in the organized labour sector where he witnessed the struggles of workers and labourers, went on to establish the Shri Dadasaheb Phalke International Awards Film Foundation on 15 December 2020 in Baroda, Gujarat. The foundation was created with the mission to promote, recognize and create a platform for all different categories of filmmakers. As the founder & chairman of Shri Dadasaheb Phalke International Awards Film Foundation and GAC People Council, Dr. Nirankar Nath Tiwari was also joined by Himanshu Tiwari to provide a platform for voices across society, to be heard.

Dr. Nirankar Nath Tiwari, Founder & Chairman of Shri Dadasaheb Phalke International Awards said, “Regardless of their linguistic background, we aim to support filmmakers of all kinds. It makes me proud to know that we are doing a remarkable job of easing the lives of working-class people. Our first goal is to understand their problems, then to address their basic needs. It is my goal to spread this organization throughout the country and around the globe. My objective is to make life easier for the people who work for us. Thank you, Mr. Ashu Gaur and Dr. Vijay D. Bajaj (Founder & President of the WAC People Council) as they too are tremendously involved in creating social services for people residing in West Asia. Their great deeds inspired me to develop the Shri Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Awards Foundation. Even though I know it’s a long journey, I am sure I will surely reach my destination since many people have blessed me and wished me well.”

Dr. Tiwari believes that in order to fulfil his dream of enriching the lives of deserving clients, he needs a solid team of people who are honest, hardworking, and trustworthy. He has the right opportunity to recruit such highly qualified individuals. According to him, this place can be a source of inspiration to individuals and do good for the community and also poor people in India are waiting for a miracle to happen, and they have the opportunity to make this a reality.

Mr. Rajesh Shrivastav, Founder President: Films Today Magazine : ,“Wishing the best wishes for Dr. Tiwari and hoping he will be able to prove that miracles do happen. He deserves enormous support and we hope that his mission is successful. Human beings like him should be celebrated because his courage is beyond compare and should be applauded.”

Additionally, Dr. Tiwari has been awarded National Committee Member: WAC People Council (World Against Corruption). Furthermore, he also holds a PhD in Humanitarian Services from International Open University Health Peace And Science, USA. Apart from this, an award of appreciation was presented by the Presidential Advisory Board for his contributions to promoting humanity and peace. Dr. Tiwari was also recognized by the Government International United Kingdom Association Commonwealth Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports for voluntary service towards humankind. The World International Economic Group has also made him an honorary member valuing his contributions.

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