Glam Guidance aims to develop the Glamour industry and putting efforts to shape the career of interested females in the glamour world. Neha Singh Mrs India 2020 winner joined Glam Guidance as show Director and announces its auditions for Miss/Mrs India Universe 2021 online, Neha Singh is known in the industry to shape the career of many girls in the glamour industry, she told that Glam Guidance is a better platform for all women to live their dream she told that all married women aged 18-45 years and unmarried 16-35 years can apply in the contest with minimum height criteria 5 feet. Contestants started participating from all over the country.

Glamour Industry is known for its shining lifestyle. It is the dream of many youths to shape their career in the Glamour world. This Industry is famous to make the career of many with a shining lifestyle. As the glamour Industry has its own glory of lifestyle Glam Guidance decided to give a directional approach to the youth who decided to make a career in the industry. The media and magazines partners are €nlighten India Productions, €nlighten Magazine, NCR express news, JH24 news channel, Voice of Himalaya newspaper, Fashion Flair Magazine, Mystic Sphere Magazine, RN Today News and LNV India News Channel. The founder of Glam Guidance Girish Kumar told “Everybody is having some inherent qualities, the qualities that make them different and unique. Identify that uniqueness, respect that uniqueness and work on it to make it more representable. Your hidden qualities and beauty will come out and when you will be able to represent yourself in a right way you win in life. Just you have to realise you and the celebration begins”.

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