From Nothing to Everything. – The story of a boy who had to take a loan to study, now teaches lakhs of Students for FREE

From Nothing to Everything. – The story of a boy who had to take a loan to study, now teaches lakhs of Students for FREE.

Today we will be talking about Vishal Tiwari, who is popularly known as VT Sir by his students. Born in an average middle-class family in Motihari, Bihar. Vishal understood the importance of Education in one’s life, very early on in his life. Being from a family who was hardly able to afford his school fees of just Rs. 750/ month, but who still tried to give Vishal every resource so that he could study properly. Vishal couldn’t help but notice all the struggles his family went through to give him a proper education, and hence understood its importance. But what he couldn’t understand was, why was it so difficult to have proper education, why was education not accessible by all, and why everyone couldn’t afford education. Vishal tells, he still hasn’t got the answers to these questions. However, there’s something else he has got now, Motivation and Dedication to make education accessible and affordable for everyone.

When Vishal got a 10 CGPA in the 10th standard, his dreams and the dreams of his family to make him an engineer got even clearer. He was sent to Kota to prepare for giving the competitive test. This decision wasn’t very easy for Vishal and his family, as they had to take a loan to send him there.

However, Vishal was faced with the biggest struggle of his life when he was in 2nd year at JP College. That year, he had to take a loan again to give the fees for his college, as his family couldn’t afford to give his fees due to the marriage of his sister happening that same year. This made Vishal think deeply about his position and he decided to take a part-time job. And what happened next is just astonishing.

The part-time job he took was teaching, and with this job, he realized, it was teaching that he was made for. Nevertheless, he still took the job at an MNC, where he was placed from the college. But no matter what he did, he always found himself on the path of teaching.

Vishal denied several startling offers from MNCs and left many well-paying jobs for a cause. He then founded, “Study Bharat”, Vishal says, “Study Bharat is not a company, it is not a brand, it is not an organization, Its a cause, to make education affordable and accessible to every Student”. Vishal now teaches lakhs of students for free through, Study Bharat, in his “Har Ghar Shikhsha” Batch, to make sure no student has to take a loan ever again to study.

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