How Josy Mathew & is committed to offer zero deposits home even after finding themself between several police cases involving tenant & homeowners

How Josy Mathew & is committed to offer zero deposits home even after finding themself between several police cases involving tenant & homeowners

If you are a serial entrepreneur like Josy Mathew, you would know what it takes to build and scale a business model that guarantees zero deposit houses for everyone in expensive cities like Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Noida, And Gurgaon. And believe me, the entire onboarding process with is quite complex for the team members who stay committed to their vision- To provide zero deposits, fully furnished home to everyone at a very affordable rate. 

It involves numerous rounds of talks with the landlords during the entire negotiation process while convincing them why it is a great business model and a win-win situation for everyone in the long run.

Josy Mathew reviews his initial days of hardship and challenges

While starting out Josy Mathew and his entire team behind strongly believed that their innovative and cutting-edge startup will bring about positive changes in the community. Little did they know about the several challenges that lies ahead. Building and scaling a business like this especially in India involved several rounds of negotiations with the home and property owners. Because the whole idea and business model were new and it was something that anyone had thought about it for the first time in India.

Josy Mathew recalls his initial days of hardship and challenges- “ The kind of abuse and backslash we received was enough to put our idea of offering zero deposits homes for everyone inexpensive metro cities to the backseat. But we had a strong belief in our long-term vision. We also faced strong resistance from the building owner and society who were reluctant initially to register their homes and apartment with us”.

Even after they had a handful of homes and properties listed at, the road ahead was steep. Running a business in the real-estate domain is full of challenges in India. You will have too many things to execute and you’ll have to ensure that everything is flawless to make sure that you offer a great customer experience.

Legal battles & police cases where Josy Mathew stand in between owners and tenants to resolve issues

The scaling part was not easy after the ideation and onboarding. Josy Mathew was committed to making sure that the whole experience for the homeowners and tenants is without any hassles and concerns. He was putting a great emphasis on the agreement part to safeguard the interests of home/ property owners and tenants.

But as they say, nothing great can be achieved without facing difficulties. As the business was scaling and is steadily making progress as a top-rated website for anyone looking for an affordable, zero deposit accommodation- instances of conflicts between homeowners and tenants started cropping up.

That was the time when Josy Mathew Decided to offer legal consultancy service to the customers of He knew that this move could well be used against him and he was right in his belief. Today there are several pending police cases pending against Josy Mathew and his team where they stand between the homeowners and tenants. 

But things like this are only making him more focused in his approach. Today Livvehomes is a preferred choice for anyone looking for an inspired living at zero deposits in some of the most premium societies across all major cities in India. For everyone looking to Livve Life with a swag

Since its inception in the year 2016, the binding principle for is plain and simple. Premium societies, Clean Functional Homes, and No owner’s interference. 

Josy Mathews and the entire team behind emphasize a lot to ensure that all the accommodation facilities are available on the platform of is a part of Premium Societies. The team behind is committed to providing safe and hygienic Communities to everyone looking to Livve life with swag with a special emphasis on overall living standards. All the properties and home listed at the platform of is tagged as clean and function homes. Clean and functional homes of ensure that all the homes are ready to move in and fully functional for you to start living in from the word go.

One of the USPs of all the homes listed at is- No Owners Interference. There is no restriction for families and bachelors. This is what Josy Mathew and his team term as Inspired Living.  

Interested to know more about the journey? Visit their website:

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