We’ve all seen those amazing movie stunts that make your jaw drop and set your heart racing. Whether it’s a wild car chase, a death-defying jump, or an incredible tumbling sequence, it can be difficult to believe that it’s a stunt performer.

But there often is a real person behind those amazing visuals, taking part in the art form known as stunt work. These artists perform highly specialized physical skills for film, television, and theatre projects that take years of training to master.

“Narshima Chouhan ( Nattu) a boy who has been  an inspiration for many people out there with a big dream of working with and along with celebrities from all over the world “

Nattu’s life revolved around the small slum area called Belpura, Amravati, Maharashtra. His parents did a lot of hard work raising him and were concerned like every parent but they knew he was very special with his skills and hardwork, He always wanted to grow in his life.

He worked hard day and night and shifted to Dubai in 2016 October to pursue his Stunt and Gymnastics career.

Since last 6-7 years he  has been working  with many celebrities big names from Hollywood and Bollywood icons as Stunt artist performer

He got hired in the company called  Showtime entertainment Production ,( Sep) 2016

He also worked with Chris Hemsworth ( Thor guy) in 2018 for a commercial which was the cherishing moment of his life .

He recent worked at stunt show at Dubai at global village That video has gone viral have crossed over 50k+ views on Instagram.

He is currently working as a stunt performer for a company called  MIRAGE ENTERTAINMENT (USA)  by , Todd Lester, Terry Grant. for the show. Hotwheels, Work place Saudi Arabia.

He Added ” “When I go to work, I light myself on fire, I jump through glass windows, hang from helicopters, and get blasted by cars, stunt double on films like “Spy” & I describe my best day at work as going home in one piece.”

Like an actor, a stunt person might be on set anywhere from eight to 20 hours at a time. A stunt person is a unique type of storyteller and must be able to move the narrative of the piece forward through action.

He said that even if 1 percent of people from slum areas get inspired from him and his work and his ambition of becoming something in his life he will be very happy.

He added ” He believed in God and respected parents which only helped him achieve something good in his life . That’s what he wants other people to do so “

He has a great audience on Instagram with over 8000+ followers.



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