IMT is a national-level memory competition that is held throughout different Indian States and Districts. India’s Memory King will be decided by a competition between all of the students by competing 3 different levels. This Test seeks to promote Stress-Free Education and Scientific ways of Learning among children at an early level to capture their learning interests and establish strong foundations.

Exams are an opportunity for students to review the knowledge they have acquired over the academic year, but sadly, many of them do not know how to learn effectively to improve their retention and remembrance of material during exams. IMT training will arm the student with cutting-edge educational strategies that will boost their academic performance and challenge their memory capacity.

At the Level 1all kids in grades 3 through 12 would participate at the school level. Each Grade would choose two top performers who would advance to Level 2 and then compete at the District Level. From Grades 3 through 12, these 20 best performers would receive rewards and awards at the school level. For the 1st and 2nd Places, they would get Gold and Silver Medals. Along with it, they will receive the MERIT Certificate and Dr. Vinod Sharma’s book MEMORY AND BRAIN SCIENCE.

At the Level 2, the district level, the top 20 students from different schools will now compete against one another, and the top 100 students will advance to Level 3. These top 100 students would receive rewards and awards at the district-level competition. The Little Birbal Shield, Mind Game, Super Kids Section of the Hall of Fame, and Free Record Holder Training will all be given to these students. Additionally, the top 3 students will receive cash prizes totalling Rs. 21,000, Rs. 11,000, and Rs. 5,100 for first, second, and third place, respectively.

At the Level 3 (National toppers): The top 100 contestants from across India’s States and Districts will now vie for the title of “India’s Memory King,” with the top 100 receiving prizes and recognition at the National Level Event. These students and schools will receive recognition on a national level and will be highlighted by prestigious news outlets and national media. Additionally, the top 3 students will receive cash prizes of Rs. 1,01,000, Rs. 51,000, and Rs. 21,000 for first, second, and third place, respectively.

The Level 3 Top 100 Toppers Parents and School Principal will also be invited for 2 days of Free of Charge Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Workshop at the Prominent Location at all the Awards, Rewards, and Recognition Programs for Students.

Additionally, the top 25 schools, whose students excelled in the IMT 2022, will receive awards at a national level event under various categories.

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