Renowned Leadership and Mindset coach, Psychologist and also trainer Dr. Ruupa Rao, Highlights the Importance of Mindset for Innovation at the Business Innovation Summit 2023

Renowned Leadership and Mindset coach Psychologist and also trainer Dr. Ruupa Rao Highlights the Importance of Mindset for Innovation at the Business Innovation Summit 2023

Bangalore (Karnataka) [India]: The Business Innovation Summit 2023, jointly organized by the MSME and Global Triumph Forum, saw the participation of various experts, innovators, and entrepreneurs from different fields. One of the keynote speakers, Dr. Ruupa Rao, emphasized the significance of an innovative mindset over financial support in driving innovation in business.

During her address, Dr. Rao discussed various aspects of innovation in business and highlighted the importance of developing an innovative mindset using different models. She stressed that although money and support are essential for business growth, they are not the only factors that contribute to innovation. In her opinion, an innovative mindset that promotes creativity, risk-taking, and a growth-oriented approach is critical for driving innovation.

Dr. Rao shared her experience and insights on how businesses can develop an innovative mindset by leveraging different models, including the design thinking model, lean startup model, and agile methodology. She also highlighted the need for businesses to be open to failure, as this helps them to learn and improve their processes.

Dr. Rao’s address was well-received by the summit’s attendees, who appreciated her emphasis on the importance of mindset for innovation. Many participants commented that they would be implementing her recommendations in their businesses to drive innovation and growth.

The Business Innovation Summit 2023 was an excellent platform for industry leaders, experts, and entrepreneurs to share their knowledge, experiences, and insights on innovation in business. The summit provided valuable insights on the latest trends, practices, and models that businesses can adopt to drive innovation and achieve sustainable growth.

About Dr Ruupa Rao:

Dr Ruupa Rao is a Leadership coach and has over 15 years of experience in various industries. She is a renowned speaker, Coach Psychologist, and counselor and has helped businesses of all sizes to develop an innovative mindset and drive growth through innovation.


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