Teachers bag salary packages worth Rs. 64 lakhs per annum

While we have heard doctors and engineers bagging heavy salary packages, here is an example of teachers making it big. 

Suraasa – the leading teacher training platform recently announced that Indian teachers who were trained and developed under their Teachers Training Programme, have bagged some of the best jobs in the USA with packages as high as Rs. 64 lacs per annum. In the recent weeks, several teachers from their inaugural batches have received confirmed job offers from reputable public schools in the United States with salary packages ranging from Rs.40 Lac to Rs.64 Lac per annum. 

Until now, Indian techies and management enthusiasts have been creating waves by bagging such high paid salary packages for jobs outside the country and establishing India’s thought leadership in the international market.  However, the people behind the success of India’s budding talent—teachers, rarely get a chance to explore their full potential – internationally. 

Enhancing the global opportunities for teachers in India. The company has shared that teaching enthusiasts like Reena R.  and Neha C.  have been placed in a school in Montana US as a Classroom Teacher and SEN Teacher respectively. Their respective annual salary packages are INR 39 lacs and INR 46 lacs. The highest package has been bagged by Dr. Saima A. in a School in Arizona as a Classroom Teacher with an annual package of INR 64 lacs. 

“It gives us immense pride to know that Indian teachers are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Teaching is a profession that is constantly evolving and especially so with the dynamic changes in our world today which is why at Suraasa we empower our Indian teaching force to upskill and deliver lessons in a contemporary manner that further empowers each student. Our teachers bagging jobs in the USA is another testament to their expertise.shares Rishabh Khanna, CEO & Founder of Suraasa on the successful placement of teachers.

Sharing her journey with Suraasa, Reena R. who is one of the teachers placed shares, “I enrolled with Suraasa during the pandemic & was also working as a school teacher & special educator. During the 4th month of my programme, I received 4 job interviews from the US & I aced 2 of them. I fetched my dream job in the USA. Suraasa ensures what we learn & teach has a long lasting positive impact. I inculcated skills & strategies & I have seen a lot of positive impact..” 

This accomplishment makes way for India to become the ultimate supplier of credible, skilled and qualified teachers that are trained to handle dynamic teaching environments. Suraasa’s commitment to building this reality for the education industry in order to showcase India as a world-class source of skilled teaching professionals is beyond commendable.

For more information, you can visit: https://www.suraasa.com

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