Transforming Relationships with Chitkala: Leading the Change

Transforming Relationships with Chitkala: Leading the Change

In today’s fast-paced world, finding happiness in relationships seems like an unattainable goal. We often have high expectations of our relationships, but the reality is that life is not perfect, and neither are we. But there’s good news.

Chitkala, an NLP and REBT life relationship coach, is on a mission to transform relationships by helping individuals lead the change.

An artist at her core, Chitkala’s screenplay for the short film ‘Being Human’ was screened at the Cannes Film Festival in 2018. She’s also authored the book ‘Beyond a Love Story,’ which proposes a family system based on companionship, going beyond the concept of reproduction and sexuality.

The book tells the story of a gay boy and a straight girl and how love transcends the boundaries of age, gender, sexuality, and brings out the subtleties of the marriage system in India.

Chitkala hails from a small town in Ratnagiri and graduated as a mechanical engineer in Pune. She found her life partner at that time, but sacrificed better educational opportunities to avoid a long-distance relationship. With a dream of being an entrepreneur, she went on to complete her MBA in HR from Pune.

After working for three years in market research, Chitkala quit her job to pursue life coaching as her profession.

While juggling pregnancy, professional struggles, family responsibilities, and the emotional trauma of losing her 51-year-old father to cancer, she decided to emerge stronger and help others achieve emotional independence, happiness, and strength.

Being brought up in a very progressive family, her father doctor and her mother a professor and a humanist rationalist mindset she published her first fiction about LGBTQ, Beyond a love story and began her journey as a sexual wellness coach to transform marriages by enhancing intimacy and creating awareness regarding sexual wellness.

She thanks her husband for being an unconditional support in the journey of being a sexual wellness coach on the backdrop of a society where a woman talking about sex is a big taboo.

The rock strong lady you see today once struggled with a rough child hood. As she sailed through her teenage she was determined to become the confident strong woman she is today. While searching answers for questions she asked her mother ‘how should I become  strong mama’ she reached at a stage where she is helping many lives become emotionally resilient with the help of wisdom she gained out of her own transformation.

“Even my relationship isn’t perfect, but over 12 years of effort I am in a ripe relationship with my partner which I have built with immense effort by working on multiple intimacy levels, detoxifying imperfections, and being on the path of constant improvement. I am glad that my partner also joined my hands and invested effort for the same.” she says.

“Marrying my husband gave me an exposure to joint family and that has greatly helped me give results to my clients as it enhanced my own understanding about family dynamics” she says.

She believes that intimacy in a marriage needs more awareness as people give up effort after a certain point where they can’t handle differences. The beauty of relationship lies in how you look at differences and how we use them as an opportunity for growth. Even after having a child couples do not make intimacy work as they think this is how it is. With her own life she is leading by example and is on a mission to change the mindset and show how a multilevel intimacy model supported with adaptive compatibility can help marriages survive and bloom.

She focusses on self transformation to get results on any relationship front personal or even professional and has transformed lives.

‘Transforming people, mindsets and relationships’ is the purpose of her life and the very reason why she exists in this world.

Chitkala’s story is one of transformation, perseverance, and a deep passion for helping others. Her journey to become a relationship coach was not easy, but her dedication to helping people achieve emotional independence, happiness, and strength is truly inspiring. She has overcome personal struggles and has used her own experiences to help others transform their lives. Her focus on self-transformation and multilevel intimacy models has helped many couples achieve a deeper level of intimacy and understanding in their relationships. Chitkala’s mission to transform people, mindsets, and relationships is a powerful reminder that it’s never too late to make positive changes in our lives, and that with effort and dedication, we can achieve the happiness and fulfillment we all deserve.

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