Sushil Kumar Parida going to launch by T-Series Bannered song ‘Bewafaaiyan’

Exclusive news T-Series gonna launch actor of Bollywood and a named famed model of so many brands Sushil Kumar Parida in its upcoming song ‘Bewafayian’. Sushil is extremely excited after getting this news and he informed his singer Honey Pahwa, Honey wanted to know about the mystery Sushil said he was singing a song in T-Series office while he was seated in sofa after his personal meeting and suddenly T-Series staff mesmerised after listening that song from a most handsome dashing man, The situation was like entire T-series staffs charmed by Sushil’s personality by his sexy looks and dressing. Personally they called and offered to Actor Sushil as lead of the song and most shocking news was T-series asked Actor Sushil to make that song which Sushil was singing in T-Series office. After that Sushil called his friend Honey Pahwa who is amazing Famous singer of Bollywood and Punjabi industry. Sushil and honey had best happy moments of that day and Sushil said they celebrated as best as to make that moment to a best memory.

Sushil is very much fitness-oriented personality who always attracts peoples by his wonderful personality and girls are mad for his hotness. Sushil Kumar Parida says he started fitness from last 9 years back by his own when he was fat he did amazing changes now days he has extreme level of knowledge and experience regarding diet and fitness even he suggested so many peoples about diet and fitness and has brought lots of changes in their life. Our actor Sushil Kumar Parida also very knowledgeable in skin care tips he say organic products are very necessary to keep skin and hair cells active as level of young age.

From his childhood, Sushil Kumar Parida had win and keep so many peoples heart by his extraordinary sports skills as he was national player in Wt. lifting and Wrestling even he was captain in state-level kabaddi team. Sushil Kumar Parida was a brilliant student also he has done his Engineering from Computer Science field he got placed in so many MNC companies but he didn’t go because his heart was always in film industry even he was playing wonderful acts in school and colleges.

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