United Green Hospital and Mindray India collaborates to inaugurate advanced standardised laboratory in Surat

Surat, Gujarat: Mindray a leading medical device company and as a – ‘Trusted Partner for Healthier Bharat’ is glad to collaborate with United Green Hospital, Surat in inaugurating the first Mindray Standardized Laboratory in India.

The company has established itself as a valuable and goal-driven global leader in medical technology both as a manufacturer and a marketer of medical devices. Mindray India has been constantly engineering to provide innovative, high-quality, feature-rich medical products for the Indian healthcare industry.

Therefore, moving further on the path of quality and commitment, Mindray has come up with a solution to serve customers better by Standardizing the Laboratory Practices to ensure optimum efficiency. Standardization of laboratory measurements is key to providing accurate and reliable results. 

United Green Hospital and Mindray India collaborates to inaugurate advanced standardised laboratory in Surat

Standardised Laboratory: Everything You Need to Know:

A Standardised Laboratory uses advanced technology and follows standard protocols laid by the regulatory bodies [NABL & NABH]. Managed by a highly skilled team, Lab can offer a spectrum of test services in a sterilized environment. The infrastructure plays a great role in managing a standardised laboratory. A lab with an efficient design can control the unrestricted patient flow in a limited space. The disciplined use of the interiors can protect the visitors and patients from the risk of infections and undesired exposure.

Surat’s United Green Hospital Pathology Laboratory is the first Mindray Standardized Laboratory in India:

Mr. Sudeep Mukherjee, Deputy Director – IVD: Mindray Medical India Pvt. Ltd.-elaborated on their newest venture. According to Mr. Mukherjee, the laboratory is an effort to provide expeditious and affordable diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment to the masses. He further added that Mindray being a trusted partner in building a healthier Bharat, aims to standardise the workflow of such laboratories so as they can provide better patient care and improved clinical output. Standardizing entire laboratory operations will prove instrumental in detecting, treating, and preventing the spread of novel coronavirus in the public.

He also added that the use of Mindray’s complete set of equipment and traceability system, and implementation in accordance with standards by the laboratory at United Green Hospital will ensure reliable results and ultimately provides better services to patients

The modernised laboratory is designed and developed adhering to the international standards of diagnosis and management. It aims to provide a high-quality diagnosis to clinicians for research and development. Armed with space-saving, advanced, sterilized, portable equipment, the laboratory is committed to safeguarding human health during and after the testing procedures.

United Green Hospital and Mindray India collaborates to inaugurate advanced standardised laboratory in Surat

Mindray’s complete set of IVD equipment’s and traceability system, which are installed in accordance with international standards, our laboratory ensures reliable results and ultimately provides better services to patients. With the help of standardization our laboratory has improved quality and efficiency and reduced redundancy and the possibility of manual errors.

Dr. Haresh Vastarpara, MD of United Green Hospital, Surat elaborated on the growing need of sophisticated yet affordable diagnostic facilities for the masses. He emphasized that diagnosis is the most important step in the entire procedure of treatment. It played a vital part in combating the Covid-19 pestilence. He further added that the laboratory is completely capable of testing the Covid19 virus too. The laboratory is now upgraded with the help of Mindray India to international standards and optimized in all aspects, right from sample collection to processing to reporting. SOP’s are now laid out at every single step involving sample handling and analysis, instrumentation and its maintenance, documentation, workflow management and quality control aspects. With the help of standardization provided by Mindray India, we can bring in the latest diagnostics procedures and adhere to best laboratory practices, which in turn helps our lab staff to focus more on our patients and improve diagnostics efficiency.

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